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eases characterized by the presence of many bacteria in the blood a usage

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laudanum may be used as an enema from one to three times daily.

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leucocytes. Prudden suggests that in addition to these positively chemotactic

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Royal Infirmary and General Hospital. Sheffield Royal Hospital and University

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it is recommended to pass celluloid bougies through the Eustachian

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able to swallow in consequence of the dilatation effected. The

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considerable size. An enlarged liver being determined by physical examina

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Of the infectious diseases with which malignant endocarditis is associated

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frequently found in acute otitis 2 that all microbes found in

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albuminuria or hsematuria or an epithelial deposit be of renal origin careful

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thalmus Ziem of Danzig j describes 4 cases in whicli nasal and

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glazed surface which has lost its filiform papillae although the fungiform are

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tion of one eyeball in the young chicken. He chose chickens and

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men in the urine no matter how small the quantity as invariably

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ning normally in the fourteenth or fifteenth day of foetal life.

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divided. The gap between the ends of the divided nerve varies much

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nity 3 protection conferred by the recej tion of developed immunity sub

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without iridectomy is the difficulty encountered with the iris prolapse

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mation of the bile ducts. These are gall stones tuberculosis or congeni

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than the laryngeal tuberculosis 12 were still under treatment

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death. It may be associated with a tumor from a distended gall bladder.

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to lead poisoning 50 per cent sliowed this substance in the urine.

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Visit to Museum of Delegates from Provincial Scientific Societies.

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be accordiug to Leube pronounced symptoms of nervous dyspepsia and yet

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friction to the forehead of cologne water or vinegar inhalation of

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siologic process but those morbid mostly acute changes

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was consolidated large and red. The walls of the air spaces were thickened.

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gastralgic attacks and localized pain while there are flatulent distention eruc

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or brown atrophy without degeneration. The myocardium in the latter cases

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the compensation is below the requirements of healthy circulation and the

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surfaces. There had been anuria for two days and no urine

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or abortive Graves disease the other symptoms failing to develop. Some

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Gystlmiria. In the etiology of this affection the observations

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layer of epithelial like character containing well defined cells large

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side becomes red and oedematous the corresponding thigh is kept flexed and

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indicate the nature and extent of the pulmonary lesions. They are much

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degrees necessary foi the manipulation of fractures are more readily obtained by

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easy to separate local from general predisposition.

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ter and cream since experience shows that the general condition improves

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twenty four hours the urine is often excreted in increased amount

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Gibson and Felkiujlhave noted an instance of marked con

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children or lunatics may produce obstruction particularly if they are sharp

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the malleus head had occurred in all the cases. The course of

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used but the most convenient indicator is violet colored neutral litmus

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The canal was greatly swollen and tliere was also a purulent dis

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Diagnosis and Prognosis. When a young girl comes to us with such an

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in a very short time by doing nothing whatever except fol

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and potassium. This compound serves to neutralize any excess of acid and

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before treatment. The treatment was very simple consisting in

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Petition of James Earle Esq. then late Master and divers other Members

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claimed though not proven that cedema of the gastric walls resulting from

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nuria in a collateral line. The portraits of the lamily existed from

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the vacancies occasioned either by Members going out of office by rotation

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festation of increasing obstruction to the pulmonary circulation.

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nerve. Despite the failure of the lachrymal secretion there were

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degenerative conditions and calcification are not rarely observed. The conus

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this respect with those of Auerbach obtained in the study of tlic

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mented. Anteriorly it bears a papilla or rostellum which is armed by a

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rophytic nor pathogenic influence nor do they seem to come from

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the latter is freely established just as the venous obstruc

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Charcot and Vulpian in France and Virchow in Germany.

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cases of inflammatory narrowing the sejitnm ventriculorura is generally closed

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may be serious bleeding which will diminish the amount of iron

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tive changes have occurred in the valves or embolic manifestations in the lungs

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iting is not common. It likewise occurs in conjunction with other nervous

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the medulla oblongata is uncommon and probably results from

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some cases particularly where interference must be immediate. It

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