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found in dried specimens and the presence of these together with certain
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Treatment. In the milder cases little treatment is required. The patient
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aspect the limits of the medulla oblongata can be accurately denned. The
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istic of ulcer and the more diffuse pain is generally lessened by pressure.
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result of his own personal experience noting however how vastly
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of the retinal vessels and interfering with tlie functions of the
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implicated in the disease in an important degree. It has even been suggested
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tubes are advanced and are associated with beginning bronchiectasis. The
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portion of the length and of the circumference of the oesophagus affected and
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hydrocephalic head. Indeed some of these heads are to a
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entire surface of the agar h. ur mce llquefaclens differing from the
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miliary tuberculosis tubercle ba illi both by microscopical examination and
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five centigrams gr. 5 Q for a child of two years will have
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The occurrence of endocarditis does not require any special treatment. It
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napkins. They are in rare cases accompanied with blood.
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Martins Apls9 reported to the Berlin Laryngological Association
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especially coninion in hysterical cases altlvougli occasionally seen in neuras
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enous form in which the bone marrow showed marked changes. Although it
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capacity is added 5 to 6 cubic centimetres 1 to 1 drachms of
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determine the severity of the myocardial inflammation for severe myocarditis
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rate adjustment dependent upon stereoscopic vision.
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found encapsulated between opposed peritoneal surfaces. Such exudations may
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from our personal knowledge of the high moral character and professional attain
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service in chronic hypertrophic rhinitis associated with scanty secre
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and pseudo membranous lesions and by the discharge from the intestine
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Mycotic GEsophagitis may result from the extension of thrush to the
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established and the patient no longer exhibits the phenomena of acute inflam
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age. He is inclined to think that his case is one of suppurative
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may be serious bleeding which will diminish the amount of iron
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The edges about the perforation may be thickened and inflamed or rarely
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scarcely appreciable results from the alkaline solutions with which they were
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its favorable effect especially in children. Others how
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In discussing the subject of enucleation during panophthal
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wise healthy woman and implicating the cornea which had per
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SchifF j j i5 says the thyroid furnishes a secretion whose presence
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that I give chloroform I prefer the lower section for without chlo
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iritis somewhat curtailed by the treatment prior to the actual
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the pupil symptom persisted the temperature varied be
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eliminated in considerable quantity through the glands of the skin where they
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strenuous efforts to loosen and expectorate the viscid secretion. Convulsions
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cer at the cardiac end of the viscus the bluish red reaction was
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tion occurs while if a small tube were used it would be expelled.
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shell wounds effectually preventing much loss of blood. Occasionally severe
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