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vegetable parasitic skin diseases EichhofF especially recommends

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strength. In other cases the symptoms are very typical. Between these

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role in causing epilepsy in early life. Indeed I fully be

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suddenly and greatly enlarged and may obstruct breathing. Such cases may

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Regulations relating to the Education and Examination of

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zontal solutions of continuity of the spinal cord carcinoma of tlie

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those with Bright s disease and pyaemic diseases it is most unfavorable. In

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on a patient aged 69 years with Morgagnian cataract of twenty

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Hallopcau J says that no definition of lichen as yet given

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regingitation may be present and may seriously aggravate the symptoms. In

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pound capsules cannot discharge their contents into the cavity of the joint since

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manipulation sufficient for a reduction of the usually slight

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which is slight it is true but quite sufficient. In very mild

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ceeds the condition becomes very manifest there is subcutaneous swelling due

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windows interior varnished wood all washable. The patient was kept warm with

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and a pigmentation of many of the deepest cells of the rete.

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ment was only temporary. In spite of the hypodermic injection

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recovery after complete withdrawal which lasted six months then

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sleeplessness agrypnia ringing in the ears spots before the eyes

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tervals exposure to the weather increasing their frequency and

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In the fully developed stages of diabetes the concurrence of glycosuria poly

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condition of increased peristalsis of the stomach. The movements which pass

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ment with either aconite or guaiacum started each plan of medication having its

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characterized by the formation of small scattered yellowish white or grayish

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A long standing aflFection of one group of glands without an extension of

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nasal and post nasal catarrh is allowed to develop and continue

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Causes of reflex contraction located in the vagina penis

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are reported by Fernandez vi f.Nt. the second being complicated by

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Treatment consists in nourishing the patient if necessary with a stomach

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stitial tissue of the heart muscle often accompanied by degenerations of the

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are indicated if a rheumatic cause be suspected. Astringent lozenges or astrin

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