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Holden remarks that the device is perhaps not apphcable
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experienced histologist that these bodies are as much independent elements as
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dominates here the megaloblasts being rarely seen. If there be a leucocytosis
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Polydi sia Urinte profluxio Einfache zuckerlose Harnruhr.
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it is variable in consistency being sometimes thin and watery sometimes thick
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The organism most frequently found is that described by Fraenkel it is said
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and character. They may be bloody and mucoid as described but are more
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suffering and hasten the fatal result by their interference with taking food.
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age or where persons are exposed to the influence of putrescent material. These
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of malpractice negligence and misconduct and whenever a jirimd
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example of the last class which is often characterized by decided evidences
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Among the common local causes of chronic nasal catarrh are the following
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The exudation is either serous or fibrinous rarely purulent though not
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evaporating lotion of dilate acetic acid or spirit
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operation. The larynx was covered with small ulcers the vocal
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Prognosis. Recovery is almost unknown. The course of the disease is
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been explained an important factor in determining the mode of transmission
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of this condition a comparatively simple matter. The presence of a fistulous
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stroyed by 50 C. i 22 F. they do not absolutely advise against
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the lesion or upon the opposite side accordingly as the lesion is
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The fever in uncomplicated cases rarely exceeds 102.5 F. It is irregidar in
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ence in predisposition to infection between males and females except as regards
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as shown by numerous reports of cases not only by those who
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distillation. Its quantity may then be reckoned by titration with
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increased in quantity the face is pale the pulse more rapid than normal.
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years it is sometimes relieved or disappears altogether upon the occurrence
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rial hyperemia of the brain has also been designated congestive or
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