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developed. It is very unusual for high grades of hypertrophy to arise in
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instances of the presence of complicating diseases. Intermittent dysentery for
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when the blood corpuscles are exposed to two steps diffusion in the
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Prognosis. As before stated irregularity of the pulse may be noted for
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infections. The bacteria which are most commonlv concerned are the micro
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the value of small blisters applied over the praecordia at successive points and
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agree tliat the staphylococcus Y yogenes is the agent which produces
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cult to examine the pelvis satisfactorily the sacrum may
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tive the nature of an inflammation specific or simple and the
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streptococcus infection. resulting in death in about two weeks in
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guinis hominis in the milky fluid withdrawn from the abdomen of a patient
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through the trachea into the innominate artery. The abscess was
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in powder constantly agitating the fluid until a full solution is
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but they are frequently abnormal or when the injury is unilateral they
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tity of albumen if allowed to stand a time after withdrawal from
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muscular contractibility persisted a shorter time in Calcutta dead
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The changes induced by aneurisms upon neighboring structures by pressure
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various degenerations of the muscle fibres. Very commonly they become
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extremely delicate but sharply defined and was formed by anas
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In the pure lymphatic leukaemia the blood condition is quite different.
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patients in advanced years specialists see them mostly
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Etiolog y. Cancer may be present as a primary or secondary growth in
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side and the nervus petrosus superficialis minor and the otic

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